Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

Today we laid outside in the grass.

Since Halloween is coming up. IT’S OCTOBER 9TH PEOPLE. Here is my #tbt. Kick ass lashes back in 2007. And rockin that bow.

Number 917. #realfacts #snapple #fromwhereistand #vscocam #vsco #didyouknow

Because I forgot to share this the other day. Prepless display complete! 🙌

Girls night was a definite success. But guys. Can we talk about how that’s my foot on the table? Also. Everyone’s face in this picture. Hilarious.

Freshly squeezed y’all.

It’s time to step out of the box.

Because it’s funny. And I was procrastinating. And somewhat bored.

Lunch with @meagan_galbraith at Brasil called for splitting a delicious cupcake. 🙌 So good that we couldn’t even finish it.

Lunch with @meagan_galbraith calls for an amazing cupcake to share! 🙌